Annual Holiday Appeal – 2016

Meet Wayne who was officially adopted on his 16th birthday.






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A dream…
It’s a wonderful thing to have — especially if it eventually comes true, like Wayne’s, whose 16th birthday surprise was becoming a Wardell, adopted by his foster mother Delores.

Imagine what it was like for Wayne for years before his adoption — waiting and hoping his life would change, lying in a bed he wasn’t sure he’d have the next day. Can you imagine actually living through this nightmare of insecurity and fear of the unknown? And, in so many instances, getting your hopes up that a new family wants you, only to have it fall through – again and again.

Like Wayne, you’d probably feel so very alone.

There are more than 350 older foster children in Kentucky hoping against hope that someone will want them to be part of their family. These children are waiting to be adopted before it is too late, before they become an official adult at the young age of 18, pushed into a world they are not ready for, and into a life for which they haven’t yet had the foundation of a loving supportive family.

If you’ve touched these kids’ lives before with your donation, thank you. Please continue to support our effort and consider increasing your donation so we can help create more forever families.

If you haven’t yet become a donor, please consider donating for the first time. Your gift helps us raise awareness and provide items that the kids need while they are waiting, such as assistance with musical instruments, school trips and braces. We need your support to find many more Delores Wardells, willing to open their hearts and homes to a parentless.