2016 Adopt-a-thon Featured Children

The 2016 Adopt-a-thon, held on December 10, 2016, was a one-hour telethon special, introducing our community the most vulnerable children — the Special Needs Adoption children who are looking for a forever home.

This year’s event featured Ellis, Jaden, Mackenzie, Demariae, and Autumn.  To learn more about each of these delightful children, see below. To view their Wednesday’s Child video, click on their photo.

Autumn (04/03) is a delightful young girl!  She has a very likable personality.  Autumn has good verbal skills and can relate well to adults. She can be very cooperative and respectful.  Sometimes she feels sad because she misses her family and because of things she’s experienced. It’s at those times she may have difficulty getting along with those around her, until she can get through feeling upset. Autumn enjoys swimming and attending community events.  She does best when she has a variety of activities to keep her busy.  Autumn enjoys art, which she’s good at, and is also interested in sports.  She likes puppies and helping care for them.  Autumn takes regular classes in school.  She’s in 8th grade and recently attended homecoming activities, and enjoyed going to the dance.  Autumn needs encouragement as she works toward healing her pain.  She wants to be adopted because she wants a forever family, to fit in, and to be loved. You just might be the family Autumn wants and needs!

Please meet Jaden (02/05)! Jaden is a bright and intelligent young girl with an outgoing personality. She has definite ideas about how things should be and she is always happy to share her point of view. Jaden also likes to stay busy riding her bike and playing with dolls. Jaden has a huge doll house and she’d love to add to her doll collection! She also likes to draw, enjoys baking, and is open to trying new things! Jaden is open to any type of family and she just wants to find her forever home! She enjoys getting a lot of attention and would do well with a family that can give her the love and attention she deserves. You could be the family that Jaden is waiting for. Please contact KAPE today for more information!  Click here

Please meet Demariae (04/02). Demariae is an outgoing boy with a charismatic and likeable personality. He is very talkative and not shy about expressing his feelings and opinions. Demariae is by nature a curious child. He always has new interests and enjoys talking about what he has learned. He’s into a variety of subjects including world religions, culture, just about anything! Demariae is very creative and likes to use his imagination. He also enjoys playing outside, fishing, and riding a bike. Demariae deserves a family that is willing to take time to get to know him and offer a permanent place in their heart and home. Are you that family? Please contact SNAP today for more information!  Click here

Please meet Mackenzie! (01/02) Mackenzie is outgoing and social with a friendly and likeable personality. She is sweet, caring, polite, thoughtful with others, and she has a great sense of humor. Mackenzie likes to chat, has a laid back personality, and is easy to get along with. She is drawn to children her age and likes being one of the girls. She likes to spend time with friends, play volleyball, listen to music, and sing along to the radio. Her favorite food is tacos and she loves Taco Bell! Her favorite movie is “Vampire Diaries”. Mackenzie likes dogs but she is allergic to cats. Mackenzie is already thinking of her future. She likes children and would like to work with them one day. Careers she is interested in include being a social worker, therapist, or maybe even a doctor. Mackenzie wants to be adopted. She says she wants a family that will accept her for who she is. You could be the family she is waiting for. Please contact SNAP today!  Click here

Please meet Ellis (11/02). Ellis is very curious about the world around him and is full of questions! He loves to spend one-on-one quality time with an adult who will offer him an opportunity to sit together and play board games, or just take a walk outside or talk with him. He is a healthy and active child who loves most anything outdoors, including fishing (which he loves) or a lively game of basketball which is his favorite sport to play. Ellis has special needs and has known loss and many changes in his young life, but he has made real progress in the last year and will continue to grow and flourish with the consistency and nurture a family could bring to him. Please contact SNAP today for more information! Click here