This wonderful sibling group is sure to make you want to open your heart and your home. With TWO sets of twins, they are very special! Shemia and Travaris (09/08) are the eldest kids. Travaris is full of energy and is very creative. He has an outgoing personality, is happy and likes to laugh and have fun. He likes to play with Legos and do puzzles. His twin sister Shemia can be shy. She has a very sweet and loving personality and gets along well with her siblings. She is smart and does well in school. She enjoys talking, singing, coloring, and playing with her tablet. Zakharia (04/12) is a talkative and bright young girl. She plays well with her siblings and other kids. She likes to play with her dolls and get dressed up. The younger twins Damon and Dameion (05/13) are sure to put a smile on your face! Damon is a happy and loveable boy who has a laid-back personality. He is friendly and likes to play with his toys. His twin brother Dameion can be helpful and has an outgoing personality. Both of the boys love anything Disney related and playing with their toy cars and boats. They are both very active young boys and require a lot of redirection due to their age but they play well together. Adopting a sibling group presents unique challenges, but also many rewards. These children deserve to stay together! Please contact SNAP today for more information!

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