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Say Hello to Raven (05/01)! Raven is a special and talented young man. He is very intelligent and is an excellent student. He has received academic achievement awards in school! Raven loves to read and write. He is working on writing his own book and he would love to be a published author one day! Raven also enjoys listening to music and is very talented in this area too. He is learning to play the guitar and participated in his high school band camp. Raven tends to be quiet, is a bit reserved and is not a big socializer, but he likes to get to know people that he is close with. Raven is open to the idea of being adopted and being with a new family. He would love to be with a family that will nurture his talents and let him explore his writing and music. Raven deserves to be with a family that will love him and give him the attention and consistency he deserves. Please contact SNAP today for more information!

Wednesday's Child