View videoPlease meet Corey (07/03). Corey is a kind and sweet boy who loves to read. One of his favorite things to do is go to the local library. He would go every day if he could! Corey really enjoys going to school and he is a good student. He gets good grades, has a lot of friends, and usually gets along well with others. He has several friends in the neighborhood and likes to get outside to play with them. Corey also likes to spend time drawing and playing video games. He is a kind and considerate boy and likes to help out around the house. Corey would probably do best if he were the youngest child in the home as he would enjoy having a lot of attention from his family! Corey is a sensitive and funny young man and he is ready for a family that will welcome him into their home. If you think you are the family for Corey, please contact SNAP today!

Wednesday's Child