View videoPlease meet Mackenzie! (01/02) Mackenzie is outgoing and social with a friendly and likeable personality. She is sweet, caring, polite, thoughtful with others, and she has a great sense of humor. Mackenzie likes to chat, has a laid back personality, and is easy to get along with. She is drawn to children her age and likes being one of the girls. She likes to spend time with friends, play volleyball, listen to music, and sing along to the radio. Her favorite food is tacos and she loves Taco Bell! Her favorite movie is “Vampire Diaries”. Mackenzie likes dogs but she is allergic to cats. Mackenzie is already thinking of her future. She likes children and would like to work with them one day. Careers she is interested in include being a social worker, therapist, or maybe even a doctor. Mackenzie wants to be adopted. She says she wants a family that will accept her for who she is. You could be the family she is waiting for. Please contact SNAP today!  Click here

Wednesday's Child