Autumn (04/03) is a delightful young girl!  She has a very likable personality.  Autumn has good verbal skills and can relate well to adults. She can be very cooperative and respectful.  Sometimes she feels sad because she misses her family and because of things she’s experienced. It’s at those times she may have difficulty getting along with those around her, until she can get through feeling upset. Autumn enjoys swimming and attending community events.  She does best when she has a variety of activities to keep her busy.  Autumn enjoys art, which she’s good at, and is also interested in sports.  She likes puppies and helping care for them.  Autumn takes regular classes in school.  She’s in 8th grade and recently attended homecoming activities, and enjoyed going to the dance.  Autumn needs encouragement as she works toward healing her pain.  She wants to be adopted because she wants a forever family, to fit in, and to be loved. You just might be the family Autumn wants and needs!

Wednesday's Child