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Meet Alexis

Meet Alexis



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The Special Needs Adoption Program recruits families to adopt and/or foster Kentucky’s waiting children. Alexis (10/00) is one special guy who needs a family. He has various special needs and requires close supervision and assistance. He would do well with an experienced family that could work with the hearing impaired. Alexis needs assistance building communication skills and is learning sign language. Alexis needs a parent who will advocate for him and who will work well with therapists, doctors, and teachers. Alexis is a caring person. He enjoys coloring and playing ball. He likes gym time, sports, and being active. Alexis is making strides. He may not understand what it means to be adopted but there is no saying how far he can go with consistency, love, and stability. Your home could be the one that offers all of that to him. He will need a family with a special way of caring and lots of patience and endurance. It will be work, but will also bring joy. For more information about Alexis and the support services that are available, please contact SNAP.


To recruit adoptive parents for special needs children, to sponsor support services for families who adopt special needs children, and to assist children who are waiting to be adopted.

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