zuraView video Meet Zura and watch her video here.

Zura (1/01) is a young lady with brown eyes and sandy blonde hair. When Zura smiles, her face lights up the world around her! Zura likes to color, draw, and listen to music. Zura loves animals such as feeding and caring for them. Zura enjoys reading books and can easily entertain herself. The library is an exciting trip for Zura because of all the animal books that are available to her. Zura likes interactive reading programs on the computer. Zura likes to go for walks. Zura is very creative and is an “all around” nurturing young lady. Zura is in need of a family who will allow time for a slow transition into their home. Zura’s adoptive family needs to love and care for her and accept Zura for who she is while helping her to reach her potential. Zura is looking forward to meeting her forever family.

jaylen  View video

Please meet Jaylen (12/02)! Jaylen is a sweet child who loves to have fun. She enjoys playing sports and games including volleyball, basketball and running. One day she would also like to try taking gymnastics classes. Jaylen has a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor. She is very smart and an excellent student. She does well in school and is already talking about going to college! One thing she really loves is food! She loves to eat and to cook and be helpful around the kitchen. She would enjoy having her own family she could help prepare meals with. Jaylen would do best in a family that stays active and can offer her a lot of attention and patience when needed. If you think you might be the right family for Jaylen please contact SNAP today.