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Say hello to Miss Brittany (07/99). She is friendly, good-natured, and easy-going. She is very creative and girly. Brittany is talkative, full of questions, and is always happy to meet someone new. Although she is usually smiling on the outside, Brittany is still dealing with some emotional scars from her past but learning how she can move forward with her life. Brittany needs a family who will support and guide her. She responds well to mentoring and praise. Brittany likes school and does well academically. She enjoys reading and doing all types of arts and crafts. Her favorite food is pizza with pineapples on top! Brittany has a unique and fun personality. Brittany has become interested in going to the gym to work-out and stay fit. She would like to have a work-out buddy to help her stay active! She is willing to do her part to make adoption work. Please contact SNAP to learn more.