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Dakota “Cody” (09-2004) is a young boy with a slight build and small stature for his age. Cody can be shy at times, but he is very generous once he gets to know you. Cody likes to make cards for people as a way of saying thanks and always has a big hug for you. Cody loves to write, draw, ride bikes and scooters. Cody likes remote control cars, Legos, Batman, and listening to music. Cody enjoys trying new foods and having new adventures, engaging in activates and going places he has never had the opportunity to experience before. Cody is very detailed oriented, and articulate. Cody likes for his things to be in a certain way and in a certain order. Cody likes being on time, and does not like to be late, nor does he appreciate tardiness from others. Cody needs the guidance and support of a permanent family that will continue to help him learn and grow. One of Cody’s biggest fears is rejection and not being adopted. Cody is excited to meet his forever family. Cody wants and needs a strong, and loving adoptive family.