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Meet Demariae

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Please meet Demariae (04/02). Demariae is an outgoing boy with a charismatic and likeable personality. He is very talkative and not shy about expressing his feelings and opinions. Demariae is by nature a curious child. He always has new interests and enjoys talking about what he has learned. He’s into a variety of subjects including world religions, culture, just about anything! Demariae is very creative and likes to use his imagination. He also enjoys playing outside, fishing, and riding a bike. Demariae deserves a family that is willing to take time to get to know him and offer a permanent place in their heart and home. Are you that family? Please contact SNAP today for more information!


To recruit adoptive parents for special needs children, to sponsor support services for families who adopt special needs children, and to assist children who are waiting to be adopted.

Wednesday's Child